It’s greek to me! : Una Voca



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  1. Hi Esther, I don’t think I have your e-mail address. How are you doing? I haven’tbeen making ATCs for awhile, in fact I dropped out of all the swaps I was signed up for at ATCards. I will get back to them one of these days, but lately I just haven’t felt like making them. :( Hope you’re well and having fun!

  2. Hey Amy,You can always e-mail me at craftyvox @ if you like :)I myself dropped out of most of the swaps I was as well, it was just getting too much. Now I am just finishing up 2 swaps and my circle journal pages offcourse.Looking forward hearing from you every once in a while:)~esther

  3. hej! U bent nederlander!ik heb U reactie op Nicoles blog gelesen und dagte “waar is ze?”en dan ik fand U bent hier~!sorry about that terrible Dutch but I cannot really speak it at all haha! Yeah Dutch supermarkets do seem to be tiny compared to British/Australian/American ones I have no idea why as it’s not like the Dutch have any less taste for food…

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