might be closing down


For all who are a member of but haven’t visited recently; please go and read this topic on the forum.


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  1. OMG, it’s gone! What happened?? I hadn’t visited for a few days and had no clue this was in the wind. Can you tell me about it?I was able to see that I have three messages there, but I have no idea who they are from, and couldn’t access them, either. I’m very sad.

  2. Amy, not sure whether I have your e-mail or not (I couldn’t find it), but if you mail me at craftyvox @ I’ll forward you some important info and updates :)In short: About a week ago Damian informed us that he was closing down the site. A lot of things have been said and speculated on but I did not keep track of that. He promised us the site would be up till the end of february but he did not keep his end of the deal and started closing down galleries and options already this weekend. Today it seems the site has been taken down completely. I am real sorry you weren’t able to read any of this earlier and could have tried saving your PMs and gallery maybe :(~esther

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