How come that crafting inspiration always comes and goes for me? Days or even weeks pass by sometimes without me doing anything crafty – then suddenly I get the crafty-itchies again. Unfortunately those itchies don’t always come together with inspiration heh. To make myself craft more I decided today I should try and participate in those weekly challenges more. Not to enter the challenge perse, but to give myself a reason to craft even if I can’t think of any theme or something in specific myself.

Think Monday Think ATCs theme for this week is Africa. Hmmpfz. Might skip that one ;) Then the link to Twisted Tuesdays seems to be broken.. so that’s a no go as well. Ditto for Saturday Stamper and Skinny Saturday.. where did all those blogs go?! Ohwell, not sure I am ready for 4×4″ or other larger sized stuff yet anyway. It already took me a while getting into the 8×8 pages for the Circle Journal I joined. Oh I posted two new layouts I made for this Circle Journal swap btw earlier in my blog, in case you had missed.

I saw a new themed challenge today called Make a Moo or Two. Last weeks theme was/is travel so that sounds like something for me. Plus, I never made any moo-sized artsies. So I guess my goal for this week is to make some Moos and work on the ATCs for the swaps I joined at (still gotte get used to typing the new name, but I love the site and I personally like the setup behind this new site way better then the old one!)

C’est tout!

eta. Oh I forgot! I ran into this template today and think I’ll use it to create some ATCs/cards with it soon as well.


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  1. Hi Esther!Love your new art – very pretty! What are moos? I think I have heard of them before, but I have no idea what size they are…My inchies aren’t for ATCsforAll. I haven’t signed up for anything there yet. But now that I see inchies aren’t too hard, I might start signing up for some swaps! I still don’t feel much like making ATCs at the moment. I am more into three dimensional project, as you saw on my blog. :o)

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