ATC Quarterly


Ran into a very nice website/magazine the other day: ATC Quarterly.
I love zines like this! Couldn’t help myself and subscribed right away offcourse hah. The Spring issue just got out, and I am wondering whether I’ll recieve that one still or will start my subscription with the Summer issue. Can’t wait to find the first issue in my mailbox anyway.

Then, when I opened up my mailbox yesterdayevening I found this awesome e-mail from Ronna Dunvegan, the editor of ATC Quarterly.

I love your blog. Great stuff. Would you consider sending me some hi-rez scans of your ATCs (300 dpi jpegs) for a future page in ATC Quarterly? I love your stuff and what I’d need would be 3 vertical ATCs that kinda look good together and a 2 or 3 sentence bio about you.

WOW!! My ATCs in a zine?! Way cool – I can hardly believe it! Since they already have a lot of submissions for the Summer issue, most likely mine would be featured in the Autumn issue. Gives me a bit of time to sort out what ATCs to pick out. Personally I feel only a couple of all that I have created ATCwise qualifies for publishing LOL!!


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