scrap/journal/photo project


Prompted by this craft kit “Project 365” by Creating Keepsakes – which unfortunately is sold out and doesn’t look like it’ll be available again at a later point in time – I decided to try and work out my own album/project idea based on this kit.

I like the idea of a-photo-a-day and similar challenges/projects. I like the idea of a scrapbook, too. The way this Project 365 kit is set up makes it easy to incorporate the two in a way that doesn’t take too much time and equipment. You simply print your photos, scribble something about them on a journaling card, and stick it in the protector sleeve. And you’re pretty much done. Simple and easy and not at all time consuming, and you can make it as easy or complex by adding embelishments as you go. I have plenty of scrapbook supplies; tons of different cardstock that I could cut journaling cards and photomattes off, ribbon and buttons and embellishments galore, stamps and rub-ons to create text blocks, etcetc. I also have material to make my own 12×12 binder. So all I lack are the 12×12 page protector sleeves that are divided into 6 4×6 pockets. I found some different ones by We R Memory Keepers and decided on 3 different types so I can arrange the pages a bit different throughout the album.

Wasn’t able to find any stores close to home that sell them page protectors, so I guess I’ll have to either find a store here that carries them (even if they only have the standard ones with the 6 4×5 pockets), or change the whole idea around. I guess I could go with 12×12 scrapbook papers as a background and stick the photos and journaling cards on there. But that kind of defeats the whole idea of “easy and practical” of the page protector sleeves. Plus I’d have to find coordinating photo mattes and journaling cards cause otherwise it’ll look like crap.


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