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Yay, I was able to find page protector/photo sleeves I was whining/writing about earlier this week at Scrapbook Outlet for an affordable price after all. And best of all, I won’t even have to pay shipping!! As it happened their main facility is located in Amsterdam, and actually pretty much right around the corner from where I live too. How neat is that?

As it is an “online outlet store” they don’t carry the newest products but after browsing around for a bit I found a LOT of nice stuff in stock. Also, once they sold out a product, it won’t be restocked. Only ordered what I really was looking for though, the page protector/photo sleeve thingies, and an really nice chocolat brown corduroy album (which was marked fown to 10€! Normally you pay like €35).

My goal is to try and make photographs every day for the next 6 months and to pick my favorite set of 4-5 photos every week to place in my project album, together with a journaling card. I wanted to start July 1rst, next week, but that date falls on a wednesday and I don’t want to cut my weeks in half like that. So instead I think I’ll be starting next monday June 29th. Gives me one week to prepare the album; sort out some nice cardstock/paper for the journal cards and cut them to the proper size, decide on how to date the pages&photos, stuff like that. I hope I will be able to come up with some interesting/nice/fun/good photographs over the next 13 weeks to come. If all else fails, I will at least have a real nice photoalbum with a lot of photographs and stories about our cats ;-)


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  1. Thank you for posting a comment on my blog! What a treat! =)

    To answer your question, we have made an offer on the house, but don't expect to hear anything for several weeks…. I'll update as I know more. If the waiting doesn't kill me first!

  2. Thank you Teresa for visiting my blog as well in return. Finding comments is indeed always a treat! Unfortunately I haven't been able to update this blog much lately heh.. am busy with other non-crafty things as well as a new photo-project I recently started. In case you are curious, it's located at ! :)

    I can imagine that the waiting and not-knowing about whether or not your offer on the house will be accepted is the worse part to be in right now. Hopefully you will hear good news soon! :)

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