Day 1 AEDM


My first day of AEDM consisted of sorting out all of my craft material. I had to create order in the chaos before I can start crafting! I now have a organized set of drawers filled with craft supplies and material, instead of a bunch of crap stuffed into each and every drawer :)

Obviously this is not ALL of my craftsupplies.. There’s a huge box of stamps in the closet; a seperate cabinet filled to the brim with ‘pizzaboxes’ full of paper; file folders with stickers, flat embellishments, cut-outs, rub-ons etc.; 3 sets of mini drawers with ink, unmounted stamps, ATC bases and what not, a couple of more drawers with cardstock and cardmaking material.. and I am pretty sure I got more stashed away at places I can’t think from the top of my head heh. But while all the rest is pretty neatly ordered, these drawers had been bugging me for quite a while now cause they were just too disorganized (pretty much just had crap stuffed into every drawer without being able to tell what was in where)..


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  1. It looks nicely organized now! I did the same thing the other day but my drawers are not as big as yours so it was probably easier for me. I can't wait to see what you will make. I looked back a few posts and saw the most beautiful recipe binder that you made! Well done!

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