Day 2 AEDM


As I am in the mids of studying for midterm exams, I haven’t really had the time to be very creative today unfortunately. Unless cooking a nice meal from semi-scratch counts as being ‘creative’ as well? I am afraid the rest of this week will be seeing a shortage of crafty time as well, but am hoping to really pick up this challenge this weekend.


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  1. Hi! Yes, cooking definitely counts as being creative! Good luck with your midterms, that takes precedence over making cards etc!
    You asked how I made the background on my cards … it's Tim Holtz method of stamping your whole Distress inkpad on a craft sheet (2 or more colours is more interesting) spritz the ink on craft sheet with water till it beads up and then put your paper into it and smoosh it around a bit to cover paper. You get some interesting results! And they are never the same! I hope you try it when you have time!
    Keep up the studying! The crafting will be waiting for whenever you are ready :)

  2. Hi – thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my gothic asked about the moon/birds – I inked the moon wiht a sponge through a circle mask using Briliance moonlight white ink, and then stamped over it with the birds stamp from Tim Holtz 'lost and found' clear stamsp set…

    Good luck with your exams…Esther xx

  3. @Karen
    I got take out TWICE this week, which isn't really all that creative hah, but the meal I cooked last Tuesday was one I never made before (and worked out pretty good) so I think I'll indeed jot that one down as my creative activity for that day /nods

    I will have to try that distress ink & water spritz method one day. I really like the look it creates!

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