Day 10 AEDM: Random Acts of Kindness


As my creative activity of today I browsed through all of my craft material and packed together a few enveloppes filled with goodies to send off to some fellow members of the ATC forum. Decorated the otherwise plain&boring white envelopes with some stamps (the rubber&ink kind), and going to scout for some fun postage stamps tomorrow as well. I always like to stick a bunch of non-boring and different stamps on mail to fellow crafties, as postagestamps are always fun to play with.

Also I visited the local craft store this afterniin, and bought me a set of Dewert soft pencils to work with. After coloring you can use a doezelaar (I wasn’t able to find a translation for this) and mineral spirits to smooth and blend colors. I never been good at drawing and stuff, which is why I like stamping so much I guess heh. I got me some really cute stamps that are perfect for coloring-in and I am going to try out this -for me- new technique soon! I hope it’ll work out, if it does, I’ll make sure to show you! :)


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  1. Sure thing, it's :-)

    It's not exactly watercoloring pencils that I bought, but soft pencils that can be used with mineral spirits to blend. I've tried it out last night and it's pretty neat! There's a post with my first tryout on the blog too.

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