Craftyvox Weeklies


I love photography and crafting, but for some reason I always end up just being creative in small bursts of several weeks max at a time. In order to try and do something creative more regularly I decided set myself up with a bit of a challenge for next year. For 2011 my goal is to be creative at least once a week and make something, and to post them to my (newly setup) Craftyvox Weeklies blog. There’s a Project365 2011 starting over at but I already know I won’t be able to keep up with a daily challenge, a weekly one should be doable though!

Anyone care to join me for the challenge? :) We could set up a joint blog or such too, to share ideas and keep eachother inspired, maybe pick (voluntary) weekly themes to choose from when we are stuck for ideas, and ofcourse to showcase all of our ‘weeklies’ etc! Would be fun!


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