Project52: the weekly art challange


After getting some very nice responses to my call whether there were folks interested in a weekly challange project, I’ve put on the proverbial “stoute schoentjes” (what would the English translation for that be hmm) and opened up a thread for Project52: the weekly art challenge over at I am so surprised and tickled pink to see so many people responding and joining us!!

Only one more day! Am really looking forward to starting up my Weeklies and being able to share them with others for a change, rather then it being just me. It will also be nice to chat about stuff and help movivate eachother when we’re stuck etc. Even though my previous attempts for my daily/weekly photographs were a disaster.. I am really thinking (even though the husband disagrees and worries I’ll only put more pressure on myself by adding yet another thing I HAVE to do to my already busy schedule..) a weekly project should be very doable and with you all here to keep me motivated and all .. I just know it’s gonne be so much fun!

Feel free to come join us, we’d love to have you!!


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