ecoline inks


I have been having so much fun with my new ecoline inks (liquid watercolor inks) that my mum gave me for my bday it’s almost insane! :-)
I’ve used it to create fun and colorful backgrounds (who knew that salt would create such fun patterns in ink?) and also used it to color in stamped images. The latter sounds childish maybe but it’s proving to be a great way to relax and destress for me heh. I love painting and all but since I can’t really paint shapes’n’all, just color in or do big stuff like paint windowsills and doors and walls while house renovating heh. So using a stamped image as my workfield is just perfect!

A couple of weeks ago I bought this cute set (click to view) of clear stamps by Hero Arts when it was for sale in a local craftstore here. I’ve used alcohol inks to color in the images after stamping them with distress ink and made some really fun ATCs this way and am working on some postcards too.

Yesterday I made a quick detour by the Pipoos while at the mall to get some stuff from the drugstore and ohh.. I’m like a kid in a candy store there! They had all of their clearstamps for sale and I couldn’t help grab me some (click to view). Now these were €1.26 and €3.10 a set so luckily I didn’t dent my wallet too much. :-D Also got me 4 new colors of ecoline — there’s a total of 48 different colors, the kit my mum gave me has 10 in it and I now added a white, magenta, sharlaken and a dark yellow to my stash. I’ve experimented with mixing colors a little which is fun, too! So much fun in such a small bottle :P


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