Holiday card making


Yesterday evening I sat down to work on another batch of Holiday cards.. What happened to the first half of December? I thought I’d have plenty of time to work on these, but that was back in November and *blink* it’s only one more week till Christmas!!

On the right of the table are some of the ‘prototypes’ I made earlier on. I had planned on making sets of different ones but realized I simply didn’t have enough time so I went with one of the simpler layouts. Still quite a bit of work though. I now have a total of 25 handmade cards.. not enough to send one too each and every person on our address list but there should be enough to send to those I really would like to send a handmade one.

I kind of forgot to take a pic of the finished cards by daylight, but.. I did I made a photo of them all set out to dry overnight, which explains the odd lighting ;)


A bit closer up so you can see the front better..


They turned out pretty nice I think, even though they’re not 100% as I had originally planned for them to be. I *plan* on starting on next years cards well in advance.. but who knows whether I’ll actually manage to do so?! ;)

Materials used:
– text background stamp by stampotique
– christmas tree die by MarianneDesign
– stickles and white ink..


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