a couple of greeting cards


Been feeling a little bit creative these past couple of days and made a bunch of greeting cards. So much fun to make and even more fun to snailmail them to others!

As I didn’t really feel like getting out my stamps&ink much lately, I decided to grab some of my fun papers and do some cutting and matting instead. I think they turned out nice, simple and fun.

As a couple of them are still underway to their final destination, I can only show these two right now.  You may recognize the kitties from these bookmarks.

Once I know for sure they found their way around the globe, I’ll add the other cards as well :)



materials used: cardstock by Bazzil Bling, cats and mattes from two-sided scrappaper by Pipoo’s


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    • Thanks Maria!:) The top greeting card was normal size, the smaller one just slightly bigger then an ATC. I’ve played in ATC-sized holiday card swaps on AFA in the past, and am now thinking maybe we should do a random greetingcard-ATC-size swap some time as well hehehe :) I love ATCs but somehow making a card in that size is double fun and so cute.

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