Hello and welcome (back) to my blog Craftyvox Creativity!

Known as craftyvox online, IRL I go by the name of Esther and I’m a 30-something (steadily going on 40!) from The Netherlands. I share my home with my sweet husband & our 5 cats and usually have at least one curious kittycat with me in my hobbyroom when I’m crafting. :)

The blog hasn’t seen any action for most of 2014-2015, shame on me! Real life has been hectic and chaotic and took it’s toll on my creavity. I have been missing my creative outlet though, and I think it is high time to get back to it!

I love photography and paper crafting, both creative outlets that are fun yet also challenging at times. I have a soft spot for old books, text pages, sheet music and pretty papers and I’m intruiged by everything that has to do with papercrafting; stamping, collage, mixed media, ATCs, cardmaking, altered projects, bookbinding, etc etc. I can spend hours and hours playing around with paper& siccors, glue, ink and paint without getting bored, although I may get frustrated sometimes when things don’t pan out as I had in mind. ;-)

Well, I hope you will enjoy my blog, and I look forward hearing from you. Comments make me happy !

Happy crafting!



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