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Special Air Mail … for you


OOOPS! I’ve been terrible at keeping my blog here up-to-date these past few months. Didn’t do a whole lot of crafting since the New Year but I did make some chunkies and ATCs the weeks before the holidays.. I’ll have to find the time to post some of those as well!

But, here’s at least a peak at my first set of ATCs of 2014 :)

Special Air Mail for you

Special Air Mail … for you I, II & III, created for the “Hearts” swap on AFA.


AFA swap: You’ve Got Mail


Last night I sat down and worked on a set of cards for one of the swaps I’m signed up for over at AFA, titled “You’ve Got Mail”.  It’s a mixedmedia/collaged ATC swap and as the title may give away, the cards are snailmail themed. Here’s the first 4.


I originally wasn’t planning on a vintage theme but do really quite like how they turned out!  I know I want to keep at least one for myself to add to my personal collection. I have some more of the cardstock I used for the background (it’s from my huuuuge stash of ClubScrap cardstock from way back) and a ton more of vintage postage,  so I’m sorta planning on making some more.

Right at Home ATCs


Some simple stamped&colored ATCs I made a couple of weeks ago but never got around to posting yet. I really love this Hero Arts stampset (CL-583). Had originally bought it to make our change-of-address cards with it but well, that never happened. I’m sure it’ll get plenty of use though, it’s just so cute. I have a ‘winter edition‘ of the little house -including snow&lights on the roof and a wreath on the front door-  as well.


Text Flower Serie


Another serie of ATCs that started out as a single ATC but ended up being so well-liked I ended up creating a bunch more. Here’s a selection (full set was like 14 ATCs)!


And one to use up some of the left over cut of flower bits :)


Materials used: bookpages, ecoline ink, Hero Arts Layered Flowers stamp and a black fine gelpen.

Spring Trees


There’s still snow outside, I’m pretending that Spring is just around the corner…. I got this lovely tree stamp that I created this set of real simple but imho lovely ATCs with.

12-040springblossomtree 12-041cherrytree 12-042orangeblossom

~ Spring Blossom ~           ~ Cherry Tree ~          ~ Orange Blossom ~

Materials used:
– Stamp by Hero Arts
– ecoline inks
– Ranger Liquid Pearls


Post-Christmas/New Year ATART-a-thon (2)


Also made a bunch of other cards, non-christmas themed, during this ATART. One of them was this card I named Calligraphy..


The background is made with ecoline inks diluted with water, then I spritzed some Perfect Pearl&water solution over the background to give it a bit of a shine. All stamps are by ClubScrap from their ClubStamp 2005 Written Word kit.

This card happened to be so populair that within an hour after posting it on the forum gallery, I recieved several questions about whether it was still available and proposals for trades. So I decided to create more cards and ended up with a serie that flew off my table like they were sweet hot buns straight from the oven! I think in total I made like 12 of them orso.. here’s my favorites from this set.

204-ATART12 205-ATART13

But, there’s more to show .. keep your eyes peeled for several sets of inchies I created during this a-thon as well in the next post :)