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Special Air Mail … for you


OOOPS! I’ve been terrible at keeping my blog here up-to-date these past few months. Didn’t do a whole lot of crafting since the New Year but I did make some chunkies and ATCs the weeks before the holidays.. I’ll have to find the time to post some of those as well!

But, here’s at least a peak at my first set of ATCs of 2014 :)

Special Air Mail for you

Special Air Mail … for you I, II & III, created for the “Hearts” swap on AFA.


Those who can’t draw or paint..


.. cán stamp and color! What a lovely idea for a swap hosted by Suntrade on! She actually is hosting two swaps around this theme at the moment, one for ATCs and one for inchies. I of course had to play in both!

These are the inchies I made for the inchies swap.


I’ve had this stamp since the very early days after discovering stamping and while it got some good use back then it’s been collecting dust in my drawer for the past hmm 8-10 years. High time to do something fun with it again, and it was just perfect for this swap! It was also much fun to use some color pencils again.. I have TONS even though I can’t draw even if my life depended on it *g* but for once they came in handy.

AFA swap: You’ve Got Mail 2


As predicted in my previous post I ended up making a second set of cards in the same theme as the cards I made for the AFA ‘You’ve Got Mail’ swap. Here they are!


Looking closely you’ll noticed two of them are pretty similar; those I liked best from my previous set and just had to recreate (different stamps and background though so they’re still different from eachother).  So I’m keeping those two for my own collection, sending 4 in to the swap host so that leaves 1 or 2 (undecided sa of yet whether to keep a 3rd in my own collection as well!) to put up for trade in my gallery. Less then I had hoped but they just so nice I don’t want to part with them! :)

AFA swap: You’ve Got Mail


Last night I sat down and worked on a set of cards for one of the swaps I’m signed up for over at AFA, titled “You’ve Got Mail”.  It’s a mixedmedia/collaged ATC swap and as the title may give away, the cards are snailmail themed. Here’s the first 4.


I originally wasn’t planning on a vintage theme but do really quite like how they turned out!  I know I want to keep at least one for myself to add to my personal collection. I have some more of the cardstock I used for the background (it’s from my huuuuge stash of ClubScrap cardstock from way back) and a ton more of vintage postage,  so I’m sorta planning on making some more.