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hey baby


We’ve had some new additions to the family these past few months, and of course I handmade some cards for the occasion.

On the first one I used two die cut elephants, some ribbon and just regular card stock. Simple and easy but quite nice imho!


The second card is a bit more eleborate, and I just love it! The zebra is from a sticker set I once bought, which to give it a bit more stability I placed on cardstock and cut it out before adding it to the pocket.



Postie greeting cards


My husband liked the ATCs I created for the You’ve Got Mail swap (see previous posts) so much he requested to have a couple of greeting cards made in the same style for his mother&twinsisters birthday, as he knew they would really like this particular style. Of course I obliged!


Both recipients really loved their cards and I even had to date and sign the one for proper collection keeping. :)

a couple of greeting cards


Been feeling a little bit creative these past couple of days and made a bunch of greeting cards. So much fun to make and even more fun to snailmail them to others!

As I didn’t really feel like getting out my stamps&ink much lately, I decided to grab some of my fun papers and do some cutting and matting instead. I think they turned out nice, simple and fun.

As a couple of them are still underway to their final destination, I can only show these two right now.  You may recognize the kitties from these bookmarks.

Once I know for sure they found their way around the globe, I’ll add the other cards as well :)



materials used: cardstock by Bazzil Bling, cats and mattes from two-sided scrappaper by Pipoo’s

Lost and found: creativity


For the first time in almost a year, yesterday I finally picked up some of my craft supplies (that weren’t boxed up yet) and tried to be a bit creative again. I’d been pinning ideas for fun cards over the past months and wanted to try some out. In the end I only managed to use one pinned idea but /shrugs. Apart from that one I also made a bunch of greeting cards using a format I tried out last year already.

I meant to take some proper pics of the cards but kind of forgot, so here’s a couple of quick cellphone shot I took while crafting.

For this set of cards I used a stamp from the String Sentiments stampset by Darkroom Door. The flower is from Hero Arts Layered Flowers. I stamped them colored them in using ecoline inks.

Truth be told, I really quite enjoyed spending some time puttering around with cardstock, stamps, ink and the like. Now with the upcoming move I doubt there’ll be much time for crafting, but it was fun to be creative again! And once we’ve settled a bit in the new house, and I’ve made a start of unpacking my craft supplies in MY OWN HOBBYROOM *weeh* I hope the creative juices will flow freely once again heh.

Holiday card making


Yesterday evening I sat down to work on another batch of Holiday cards.. What happened to the first half of December? I thought I’d have plenty of time to work on these, but that was back in November and *blink* it’s only one more week till Christmas!!

On the right of the table are some of the ‘prototypes’ I made earlier on. I had planned on making sets of different ones but realized I simply didn’t have enough time so I went with one of the simpler layouts. Still quite a bit of work though. I now have a total of 25 handmade cards.. not enough to send one too each and every person on our address list but there should be enough to send to those I really would like to send a handmade one.

I kind of forgot to take a pic of the finished cards by daylight, but.. I did I made a photo of them all set out to dry overnight, which explains the odd lighting ;)


A bit closer up so you can see the front better..


They turned out pretty nice I think, even though they’re not 100% as I had originally planned for them to be. I *plan* on starting on next years cards well in advance.. but who knows whether I’ll actually manage to do so?! ;)

Materials used:
– text background stamp by stampotique
– christmas tree die by MarianneDesign
– stickles and white ink..

circus animals


For a friend’s daughters 8th birthday I made this circus animal train card yesterday.
I was a little (very!) strapped for time so I kept it rather basic and without a lot of embellishments and added details, but I have to admit that though it’s simple, I do quite like it. Am definitely going to be making this card again when I have more time on my hands, and add a little more detail.

The “train wagons” are actually made of the bottom part of this Marriane Design Creatables birdcage. :D Not quite sure where I originally got the wooden animal figures, I think the HEMA. Cardstock used came from my ClubScrap stash.