AFA swap: You’ve Got Mail 2


As predicted in my previous post I ended up making a second set of cards in the same theme as the cards I made for the AFA ‘You’ve Got Mail’ swap. Here they are!


Looking closely you’ll noticed two of them are pretty similar; those I liked best from my previous set and just had to recreate (different stamps and background though so they’re still different from eachother).  So I’m keeping those two for my own collection, sending 4 in to the swap host so that leaves 1 or 2 (undecided sa of yet whether to keep a 3rd in my own collection as well!) to put up for trade in my gallery. Less then I had hoped but they just so nice I don’t want to part with them! :)


AFA swap: You’ve Got Mail


Last night I sat down and worked on a set of cards for one of the swaps I’m signed up for over at AFA, titled “You’ve Got Mail”.  It’s a mixedmedia/collaged ATC swap and as the title may give away, the cards are snailmail themed. Here’s the first 4.


I originally wasn’t planning on a vintage theme but do really quite like how they turned out!  I know I want to keep at least one for myself to add to my personal collection. I have some more of the cardstock I used for the background (it’s from my huuuuge stash of ClubScrap cardstock from way back) and a ton more of vintage postage,  so I’m sorta planning on making some more.

a couple of greeting cards


Been feeling a little bit creative these past couple of days and made a bunch of greeting cards. So much fun to make and even more fun to snailmail them to others!

As I didn’t really feel like getting out my stamps&ink much lately, I decided to grab some of my fun papers and do some cutting and matting instead. I think they turned out nice, simple and fun.

As a couple of them are still underway to their final destination, I can only show these two right now.  You may recognize the kitties from these bookmarks.

Once I know for sure they found their way around the globe, I’ll add the other cards as well :)



materials used: cardstock by Bazzil Bling, cats and mattes from two-sided scrappaper by Pipoo’s

Right at Home ATCs


Some simple stamped&colored ATCs I made a couple of weeks ago but never got around to posting yet. I really love this Hero Arts stampset (CL-583). Had originally bought it to make our change-of-address cards with it but well, that never happened. I’m sure it’ll get plenty of use though, it’s just so cute. I have a ‘winter edition‘ of the little house -including snow&lights on the roof and a wreath on the front door-  as well.



Just spent some time updating this blog with some of my creative undertakings of these past 12+ months. I pretty much abandoned the blog Spring last year, when life was just too busy and stressful and exhausting to feel at all creative. But, creativity has started to bloom again – just like these beautiful clematis outside in the garden – so I figured it was time to pick up this blog again!

Things did feel pretty empty though, with many months of silence and no posts what so ever.. So I posted a bunch of backdated entries showing some of stuff I’ve worked on early 2012. Will also post some of the more recent things I made, ánd maybe show you some pics of my new hobby room as well. So feel free to check out the previous posts and check back again soon if you like!

Lost and found: creativity


For the first time in almost a year, yesterday I finally picked up some of my craft supplies (that weren’t boxed up yet) and tried to be a bit creative again. I’d been pinning ideas for fun cards over the past months and wanted to try some out. In the end I only managed to use one pinned idea but /shrugs. Apart from that one I also made a bunch of greeting cards using a format I tried out last year already.

I meant to take some proper pics of the cards but kind of forgot, so here’s a couple of quick cellphone shot I took while crafting.

For this set of cards I used a stamp from the String Sentiments stampset by Darkroom Door. The flower is from Hero Arts Layered Flowers. I stamped them colored them in using ecoline inks.

Truth be told, I really quite enjoyed spending some time puttering around with cardstock, stamps, ink and the like. Now with the upcoming move I doubt there’ll be much time for crafting, but it was fun to be creative again! And once we’ve settled a bit in the new house, and I’ve made a start of unpacking my craft supplies in MY OWN HOBBYROOM *weeh* I hope the creative juices will flow freely once again heh.

Some digital art


Originally I had planned to handcraft our holiday cards, just like last year and the year before. It’s a time-consuming, but also very rewarding undertaking.  Due to time&energy constraints this year I knew it wasn’t gonne happen though, so I opted to go the custom printed card route. As we are moving house early next year as well I decided to combine the holiday greetings with our change of address (something I also had planned on handcrafting.. I already got the stampset and idea ready.. just lack the time!). I also designed the backside but as tis full of personal details I’m not going to show that here on my blog! ;)