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Postie greeting cards


My husband liked the ATCs I created for the You’ve Got Mail swap (see previous posts) so much he requested to have a couple of greeting cards made in the same style for his mother&twinsisters birthday, as he knew they would really like this particular style. Of course I obliged!


Both recipients really loved their cards and I even had to date and sign the one for proper collection keeping. :)


AFA swap: You’ve Got Mail 2


As predicted in my previous post I ended up making a second set of cards in the same theme as the cards I made for the AFA ‘You’ve Got Mail’ swap. Here they are!


Looking closely you’ll noticed two of them are pretty similar; those I liked best from my previous set and just had to recreate (different stamps and background though so they’re still different from eachother).  So I’m keeping those two for my own collection, sending 4 in to the swap host so that leaves 1 or 2 (undecided sa of yet whether to keep a 3rd in my own collection as well!) to put up for trade in my gallery. Less then I had hoped but they just so nice I don’t want to part with them! :)

Sketchbook Project 2012 World Tour


After signing up for the Sketchbook Project 2012 World Tour back in October, and receiving my empty sketchbook somewhere in November.. I actually kind of forgot about it. The crazy of the end of semester at university hit and before I knew it there was hardly any time left to work on it. As I put down a good bit of money ($25 for being in the project itself and an additional $20 to have my sketchbook digitalized in the online library, so I could view it and share it with friends&family since not many of us -hardly anyone heh- will be able to view it in person during the tour or at the library) I really did want to follow through though, and as my last exam at university originally was scheduled for the 16th of January I decided 2 weeks would be plenty of time, right?

As it turned out though my schedule ended up being totally different and in the end there was just ONE day left to work on the sketchbook, as it had to be postmarked by the 31st of January. Eeeks.
I could still send it in after the 31st as well, but then my sketchbook wouldn’t be part of the World Tour. It would just be added to the gallery in the Brooklyn Art Library (and the digital library online). Which would be a shame but nothing earthshattering, so the afternoon of January 31 I installed myself at the kitchentable with some of my craft supplies and set to work. Thinking that if I made the deadline – cool – if not, I’d take my time and finish it to mail in later.

Long story short: I made it. Just barely but I made it.. I popped the envelope into a mailbox about 10 minutes prior to it being emptied. :)

I didn’t have the time (okay it ‘s starting to sound silly now) to make proper scans of the spreads but did manage to shoot some quick photographs before stuffing it into the envelope and jumping in the car to drop it off. So without further ado and rambling, here it is:

The First ever...The First ever...The First ever...The First ever...The First ever...The First ever...
The First ever...The First ever...The First ever...The First ever...The First ever...

View my sketchbook at the Digital Library of the Brooklyn Art Library here.

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Post-Christmas/New Year ATART-a-thon (1)


Over at ATCsforAll.com there’s a Post-Christmas/New Year All Types of Art a-thon running, and I’ve been making all kinds things during the a-thon. They’re always so much fun and this time especially I felt really creative and got a TON made!  Here are some of Christmas-themed twinchies and ATCs I’ve made during this a-thon (not all, won’t spam you with that many pics!).

211-ATART19 210-ATARt19

Christmas Twinchies (2″x2″)


197-ATART02inchieatc 11-147snowman
196-ATART01kerstslee 11-151christmascarols

And my most favorite ATCs of this full set are those last two. Getting the glitter to stick was a bit tricky but I just loved how cheerful they looked. Scans don’t really do them justice heh.

The background text stamp used on the bottom 4 ATCs is by Stampotique, the snowflake background stamp as well as the text stamps and the treestamp are by Hero Arts. The maker of the Christmastree die eludes me at the moment, but will try to add that info later. Other materials used: old christmas cards, stickers I once scored at the Wal-Mart yeeeaaaars and years ago, glitterpowder, embossing powder and stickles.

ATC Quarterly


Woohoo! Today I recieved the latest issue of ATC Quarterly – an Artist Trading card Journal in my mailbox. I’m super excited about this, as I am featured in this issue! Three of my ATCs have been published in a triptych, how awesome is that?  It’s such a shame that this will actually be the last issue of the magazine, as after six years of hard work on this magazine the publishers decided it was time to stop.

Here’s a sneak preview of my page..

..but ofcourse you really should be grabbing your own copy of the magazine!;) Even though it’s no longer being published so you can’t subscribe to new issues, back issues of the previous years are still available here!