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Needle felting


This past weekend my aunt and I had a crea-bea date; we followed a needle felting workshop. Needle felting is something I have been wanting to try out for quite some time now, but never really had the oppertunity. So when I ran into this workshop I knew I had to sign up! As creativity runs in the family, I invited my aunt to come with me. We had a great time :) Here’s some pics!


We also worked on some flat pieces, but both turned out quite different (less nice lol) as we expected.. so I’m pretty sure those project will end up being tossed.. ;) Apart from the snail I also made a small ladybird, here’s the two finished:

Needle felting for sure is a lot of fun, and definitely something I’d like to do more often in the future. Do need to be careful not to stick that needle into your finger by accident, ouch, that hurts!! ;)